Deirdre Shanley


Deirdre Shanley Statement I enjoy the printmaking process because you do not know exactly how it is going to turn out. With printmaking it is almost as if the medium takes over. My work usually starts with simple lines and sketches taken directly from the landscape or from photographs and these are manipulated and 'played around with' many times during the printing process. A print will often involve three or four plates sometimes combining etching on copper or aluminium and carborundum on plastic with spit biting and dry point. I find the painting on of carborundum and acid (for spit biting) a very direct and spontaneous way of creating imagery. CV Deirdre Shanley is a founder member of the Leinster Print Studio (LPS) and has been exhibiting with the studio since 1998. She studied printmaking as part of a Postgraduate Diploma in Art Education at Birmingham College of Art and Design in the early 1990's. She has been selected for many open submission shows including the RHA, Aontas, Impressions Galway, Limerick Print Show and Eigse, where she won the prize for best emerging artist in 2002. In 2009 Deirdre, with other LPS members, took part in Impress'09 (a Printmaking Festival in Stroud, England) and Open Impact (an International Exhibition of contemporary Print held in Bristol). Since 2006 Deirdre has paired up with an artist from Wales as part of a project with LPS which began as a Welsh/Irish collaboration called Le Cheile and with artists from South Australia joining has now developed into a three-way collaboration. An exhibition of Le Cheile is currently touring ten venues in S.A. Deirdre is also an artist with The Graphic Print Gallery, Temple Bar, Dublin.

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